Darkness and the Devil Behind Me


A Murder Mystery of the 1920s Harlem Renaissance

In December 1923, Esther Todd was a lovely young pianist, a rising star. One month later, she was on the Most Wanted List. She had vanished along the snow-swept streets of a stormy night in Harlem and thieves had hit the home of her Park Avenue patron, pulling off a million- dollar heist.

Were the disappearance and the robbery coincidence or conspiracy? Somebody knew, but nobody was talking. Three years later, the puzzles remained unsolved.

Lanie Price was the crime reporter who the initial case. Now a frustrated society columnist, she’s hungry for change. It comes in the form of Esther’s sister, Ruth.

Desperate for closure, Ruth begs Lanie to dedicate her Christmas column to the case. Maybe someone, somewhere will remember something. Seeking fresh material, Lanie starts asking hard questions, the dangerous kind, just about guaranteed to get her killed.