Goodfellowe House: A Lanie Price Mystery

A Jazz Age Murder Mystery

A page-turning thriller infused with pockets of romance.”
—M. P. McKinney, APOOO Book Club

“Lanie Price is not just Easy Rollins in a dress.”
—Alan Symonette, Philadelphia

Society reporter Lanie Price covers the gritty underside of 1920’s Harlem’s glamorous high life. A tough reporter with a golden heart, she’s willing to ask the hard questions.

But the unsolved disappearance of Esther Sue Todd, gone on a blistery New York winter night, leads Lanie to ask the right questions of the wrong people–the kind of questions just about guaranteed to get her killed.

Lanie Price adds sizzle to this cold, cold case. If you like fast-moving hijinks and historical crime fiction, then you’ll love Darkness and the Devil Behind Me.

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